Welcome to Ajman Jamaat

Anjuman Najmi was formed in 1970 by the farmaan dua of HH Dr. Sydena Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) for the benefit of his followers residing in the Emirate of Dubai by having them under the umbrella socially, culturally, religiously, & spiritually.

The Emirate of Ajman (Arabic: إمارة عجمان‎‎ Imārat ʿAǧmān) is one of the seven Emirates (states) of the United Arab Emirates. It has an area of a mere 260 square kilometres (100 sq mi), which makes it the smallest of the emirates in terms of area. It is named after the city of Ajman, which is its seat of government. It is bordered on the north, east, and south by the Emirate of Sharjah.[2] It has a population of some 240,000.[3]



Namaaz Timings
11 Jamadal Ukhra 1439
Fajr End
Nisf Ul Layl